23.11.27 Sang Hyun Park joined JWOh Lab.

23.08.18 Congrats to Suhyun on his master's degree graduation!

23.07.03 Donggeun Shin joined JWOh Lab.

23.06.01 Prof. Ruchi Gupta (University of Birmingham) visited our lab.

23.05.08 Dong Gyu Kim joined JWOh Lab.

23.04.27 Congrats to Suhyun Kim for receiving an "Award for Excellent Analytical Chemistry Students" at the 131st Korea Chemical Society General Meeting.

23.02.17 Congrats to Eunseo Lee & Seo Young Hur on graduating.

23.01.02 Yoonkyung Kim joined JWOh Lab.


22.12.19 Suhyun Kim's article "Conjugation Strategies of DNA to Gold Nanoparticles" has been published in Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. (Front cover article).

22.12.5 "Ultrasensitive plasmonic photothermal immunomagnetic bioassay using real-time and end-point dual-readout" was online published in Sens. Actuator B-Chem..

22.07.11 Seung Bin Moon joined JWOh Lab.

22.04.15 Congrats to Suhyun Kim for receiving an "Excellent Poster Award" in the 129th Korea Chemical Society General Meeting.

22.02.21 Junseok Yoon joined JWOh Lab.

22.02.16 Eunseo Lee joined JWOh Lab.


21.12.22 Seo Young Hur joined JWOh Lab.

21.12.16 Lucas Cho joined JWOh Lab.

21.11.24 Si Yu Kim joined JWOh Lab. 

21.11.22 "Polysorbate- and DNA-Mediated Synthesis and Strong, Stable, and Tunable Near-Infrared Photoluminescence of Plasmonic Long-Body Nanosnowmen" was online published in ACS Nano.

21.09.07 "Nontrivial, Unconventional Electrochromic Behaviors of Plasmonic Nanocube Structures" was online published in Nano Lett..

21.08.30 Congrats to Su Hyun Kim for graduating with his BS!

21.05.21 "Electrochromic response and control of plasmonic metal nanoparticles" was published in Nanoscale.

21.05.17 Na Kyeong Lee joined JWOh Lab.

21.03.22 Bo Gyeong Go joined JWOh Lab.


20.11.25 Byeong Hwak Bae joined JWOh Lab

20.11.18 Jongseo Kim joined JWOh Lab

20.11.10 "Single‐Particle Analysis on Plasmonic Nanogap Systems for Quantitative SERS" was published in Journal of Raman Spectroscopy

20.11.09 Yeon Su Yu joined JWOh Lab

20.09.21 Suhyun Kim joined JWOh Lab

20.09.01 JWOh Lab Opened